Helen Couclelis

Dr. Helen Couclelis is professor of geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She holds a doctorate from the University of Cambridge, England, a diploma in urban and regional planning from the TechnicalUniversity of Munich, Germany, and an M.S. equivalent in architecture from the Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Prior to joining the UCSB geography department in 1982, she spent several years as a professional planner and policy advisor in Greece. Former positions include secretary of the Committee for Urban Development and principal editor of the committee's report to the Greek government, Center for Planning and Economic Research, fifteen-year national plan of Greece, (1970-72); assistant manager of a major planning project involving urban development plans for twenty Nigerian cities, with Doxiadis Associates, Greece (1972-73); and member of a policy advisory group supporting a council of ministers responsible for urban and environmental matters (1977-81). In this latter capacity she has been involved in several national and international policy issues such as the upgrading of Greek environmental regulations to EC standards; a tri-national agreement between Greece, Italy, and Yugoslavia on the protection of the Ionian Sea from pollution; the development of the first system of national forests in the country; the implementation of the Athens General Plan, especially with regards to the problem of illegal development; and a study for the Greek president on the feasibility of hosting the Olympic Games permanently in Greece. She also represented Greece in several EC and UNEP meetings and task forces. Dr. Couclelis has also been a visiting research professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Waterloo, Canada (1981), and a visiting postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development of the University of California at Berkeley (1982).

The research interests and publications of Dr. Couclelis are primarily in the areas of urban theory, modeling, and planning, and in behavioral geography and spatial cognition. Recent research and publications include work on cellular automata models of spatial dynamics, on representations of geographic space in both human cognition and computer models, and in the development of GIS-based approaches to help resolve locational conflicts in planning. She is a co-editor of the journal, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design. She has co-edited A Ground for Common Search (with P. Gould and R.G. Golledge) and co-organized a symposium on philosophical directions in geography.

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LaNell Lucius

Executive Administrator

LaNell Lucius has been employed with NCGIA as Executive Administrator since March 1994. Since 1999 she has also held the position of Administrator for the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science (CSISS). In these positions, LaNell serves as the Operations Administrator for the Centers, as well as the Executive Assistant to Director Michael Goodchild. LaNell, supervising the staff of the NCGIA and CSISS, serves in the roles of communications and information manager, project support assistant, fiscal manager, and supervisor of NCGIA/CSISS conferences, workshops and special events. LaNell hails from the South--Hattiesburg, Mississippi--having completed her MBA in 1986. Also a musician and teacher, LaNell is the Director of the Santa Barbara Treble Clef Chorus, employed as an Adjunct Instructor through Santa Barbara City College.

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