NCGIA Research Initiatives

How a Research Initiative is managed
Lifecycle of an initiative
Research initiatives
  1. Accuracy of Spatial Databases
  2. Languages of Spatial Relations
  3. Multiple Representations
  4. Use & Value of Geographic Information
  5. Large Spatial Databases
  6. Spatial Decision Support Systems
  7. Visualization of Spatial Data Quality
  8. Formalizing Cartographic Knowledge
  9. Institutions Sharing Geographic Information
  10. Spatio-Temporal Reasoning in GIS
  11. Initiative 11 was cancelled
  12. Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS
  13. User Interfaces for GIS
  14. GIS and Spatial Analysis
  15. Multiple Roles for GIS in U.S. Global Change Research
  16. Law, Information Policy & Spatial Databases
  17. Collaborative Spatial Decision-Making
  18. Replaced by a conference: Spatial Technologies, Geographic Information, and the City
  19. GIS and Society: The Social Implications of How People, Space, and Environment Are Represented in GIS
  20. Interoperating GISs
  21. Formal Models of Common-Sense Geographic Worlds