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Scientific Report for the Specialist Meeting

September 16-19, Santa Barbara CA

Compiled by:

Paul J. Densham
Initiative Leader
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
Department of Geography
University College London
London WC1H OAP
Marc P. Armstrong
Initiative Leader
Departments of Geography and Computer Science
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52442
Karen K. Kemp
Initiative Leader
NCGIA, Department of Geography
University of California at Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060

Preface and Acknowledgments

This is a report on the first meeting of the seventeenth NCGIA research initiative, entitled "Collaborative Spatial Decision-Making." This meeting, held in Santa Barbara between September 16th and 19th, 1995, was attended by representatives of the NCGIA, university faculty members from North America and Europe, and representatives of US companies. The contents of this report are compiled from the notes of the organizers and student rapporteurs, materials prepared during the meeting and the personal notes of several of the participants.

The Initiative leaders were assisted in the planning and organization of the specialist meeting by a steering committee consisting of Mike Batty, Joe Ferreira, Britt Harris, and Tim Nyerges. Their contributions to making the meeting a success are gratefully acknowledged.

The Initiative leaders wish to thank the management and staff of the Upham Hotel, Santa Barbara, for their hospitality. We also wish to thank Sandi Glendinning and LaNell Lucius of the NCGIA Office in Santa Barbara for their hard work in organizing the logistics of the meeting. Karen Kline, Mike Figueroa, Emanuel Nordjoe and Omer Atesmen provided valuable assistance during the meeting.

The meeting and this report are contributions to Research Initiative 17, Collaborative Spatial Decision-Making, of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis. We acknowledge support from a grant by the National Science Foundation (SBR-88-10917).