NCGIA Technical Report 95-14

NCGIA Research Initiative 17: Collaborative Spatial Decision-Making
Scientific Report for the Specialist Meeting

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NCGIA invites participation from active researchers in the First Specialist Meeting of a new research initiative on collaborative spatial decision-making (CSDM). The meeting will be held September 17-20 1995 in Santa Barbara CA, and will focus on identifying impediments to the development of highly interactive, group-based spatial modeling and decision-making environments. The meeting will help the NCGIA develop an agenda for research to be conducted under this 2-year research initiative.

Recognizing that the primary determining factor in the design of collaborative decision support systems is the nature of the decision problems and of the means which are available to attack them, five cross-cutting research topics have been identified for discussion:

  1. The development of a metaplanning capability: methods to elicit, capture and manipulate knowledge bases that support individual and collective development of alternative solutions to spatial problems.
  2. The design and implementation of methods to improve decision-makers' interaction with spatial analysis tools, including modelbase management systems, visualization and display tools, and group-based user interfaces.
  3. The provision of mechanisms that enable decision-makers to evaluate alternative solutions to a problem.
  4. The identification, selection and incorporation of methods for resolving spatial conflicts in interactive, CSDM environments, including multicriteria decision-making.
  5. The characterization of CSDM processes, including but not limited to the specification of task models in various domains such as environmental, transportation, natural resource, economic development, emergency management, and other high priority subject domains; and investigations which elucidate the use of CSDM technology in various CSDM subject domains.
The Steering Committee invites submissions from researchers specializing in any of these topical areas who wish to participate in the meeting, for which funding is being provided by the National Science Foundation through NCGIA. Participation is particularly encouraged from: Up to half of the 32 participants at the meeting will be selected through this open call. Preference will be given to researchers at U.S. institutions.

Submissions must be received by June 1, 1995, and should consist of a three to five page position paper on the uses and impediments to greater use of GIS in one or more of these topical areas, based on personal experience in CSDM research. (It is anticipated that participants will revise and expand these papers after the meeting for inclusion in an edited volume.) Submissions must also include a short biography describing the author's professional experience and interests relevant to research in this area. This biography should be no more than 1 page. Unless other arrangements are made with NCGIA, submissions should be made by email using plain ASCII text.

Anyone planning to submit a position paper by the June 1 deadline should notify the NCGIA of their intent to do so as soon as possible. This will help the steering committee ensure that all interested communities are represented.

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Posted April 3, 1996

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