Some publications relevant to collaboration research.

Rene Reitsma

Recent papers published that have strong ties with collaboration research (although not explicitly spatial).

Reitsma. R; (1996) Structure and Support of Water Resources Management and Decision Making; Journal of Hydrology; vol.177; pp.253-268.

Reitsma,R., Zigurs, I. Lewis, C., Sloane, A., Wilson, E. (1996) Experiment with Simulation Models in Water Resources Negotiations; ASCE Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management; vol.122; pp.64-70.

The following is only marginally relevant

Reitsma, R., Zagona, E., Chapra, S., Strzepek, K (1996) Decision Support Systems for Water Resources Management. In: Mays, L.W. (ed.) Water Resources Handbook; McGRAW-HILL; New York, N.Y.; pp.33.1 - 33.35.

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