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Rachel Jones

Selected publications related to collaborative Spacial Decision Making

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Jones, R.M., Branki, N.E., and. Edmonds, E.A. . 'An analysis of media integration for spatial planning environments'. Planning and Design B: Environment and Planning, 21, pp 121-133, 1994.

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Jones, R.M., Copas, C.V. & Edmonds, E.A. GIS Support for Distributed Group-Work. Int. Journal of Geographical Information Systems 1996 (to appear).

Current Research

The aim of my current research activities are to support regional planning tasks by providing co-workers who are situated at different locations with access to a GIS. Five technical challengers for application sharing have been identified: multiple views, multi-user access, feed-back about other users' activities, conference management facilities and sustainable performance. A system has been developed which re-uses an existing single user - GIS and encompasses a User Interface Management System, knowledge-based techniques and agent support for group work. This novel approach offers a solution to the technical challenges, while enhancing the usability of such systems.

Rachel Jones
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