The Development of "Spatial Group Choice" Software

Piotr Jankowski

The work on the 3-year NSF funded research grant on "Collaborative Spatial Decision Making Using Geographic Information Technology and Multiple Criteria Models" done at University of Washington and University of Idaho, has been in its second year. The results of the first year included a feasibility study of a software tool for CSDM, software design, and implementation. The software, called Spatial Group Choice, is an integration of customized ArcView application that provides mapping and visualization support with multiple criteria decision making tools. It is intended to be used on a computer network in a meeting environment.

The software was successfully demonstrated and tested with various groups of stakeholders in the Seattle metropolitan area using the Duwamish Corridor restoration problem. The problem background as well as Spatial Group Choice description can be found at the UW/UI Collaborative home page:

The results of this work have been described in a paper: "Spatial Group Choice: A SDSS Tool for Collaborative Spatial Decision Making", currently under review at International Journal of Geographical Information Systems.

A presentation under the same title was also made at the 1996 ESRI users conference in Palm Springs.

The work has been also conducted at the University of Idaho on the development of CSDM tool for use under distributed space and time conditions. This tool will have similar mapping, visualization, and decision modeling support capabilities as Spatial Group Choice, but it will enable the collaboration accross space and time. This work is supported by a grant from Idaho State Board of Education. Once developed, the software will be used in a series of controlled experiments on the effects of CSDM technology on group problem solving and spatial understanding capabilities.

Piotr Jankowski
Department of Geography
University of Idaho
e-mail: piotrj@uidaho.EDU