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This CD contains all technical reports published by the NCGIA between 1988 and 1997. These publications include reports of the specialist meetings, research reports, discussion papers and bibliographies, plus initiative closing reports, annual reports, and some education materials. While about half of these documents are no longer available in digital versions, they have been scanned and converted to PDF formatted text with graphics.As a result, most of the documents on this CD are text-searchable. The CD includes a list of authors linked to the reports they have authored or edited.

Note: This CD does not include the contents of the NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIS, any of the publications produced by commerical publishers, nor any publication not part of the Technical Report series.
Software required: Adobe Acrobat Reader (included on the CD).
Price: $100 (includes postage & handling within North America)

To order a copy of this CD, please contact the NCGIA Publications office
(See Ordering Information.)

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