Portrayal of Uncertainty

Prime: Keith Clarke, Dan Montello
Research Assistant: Paul Teague

    Review, develop, and test cartographic representational methods for dealing with uncertainty.

Schedule for Project
   Develop Tools- Months 1-12
    Test Symbolization & Display Tools- Months 12-24
    Test Methods- Months 24-36

This portion of the project began with a comprehensive review of existing techniques for uncertainty portrayal. Bertin's visuable variables, animation, 3dimensional display, and other methods were investigated and a representation matrix was developed. Of these, color, animation, and depth manipulation offer the most to cartographers for uncertainty representation. The Virtual Reality Modeling Language was chosen as the most widely applicable tool for development and testing of these methods. SGI's CosmoWorlds VRML authoring system combined with General Reality's CyberEye head-mounted display give researchers the ability to utilize a wide array of symbolization techniques including interaction, navigation, and depth cue information.

Powerpoint presentation: Cartographic Symbolization of Uncertainty, ACSM98
Powerpoint presentation: Cartographic Representation of Positional Error in Linear Features Using Virtual Worlds