Models of Uncertainty

Prime:  Kate Beard , Keith Clarke
Research Assistant: Thomas Windholz

    - Capture the relations among the components of the information system
    - Capture relations among the metadata for each component
    - Capture lineage metadata within and between components for direct support of measurement
    - Support updates within and across components
    - Support queries within and across components

Schedule for Project
    Months 1-6:     Select the appropriate representational schema for uncertainty
    Months 1-18:   Evaluate existing methods for specifying and tracking lineage
    Months 3-18:   Formalize the information system components of GII for incorporation and management within a
        computational system
    Months 18-36: Implement prototype database architecture in collaboration with industry partners

Powerpoint presentation: Introduction to modeling uncertainty in spatial data
Powerpoint presentation: Encapusulating simulation models with geospatial datasets