SLEUTH Applications



Australia - Sydney

Bangladesh - Dhaka City of Bangladesh

Brazil - Porto Alegre

Cameroon - Yaounde

China - Beijing, Chongqing, Changsha City, Dianchi Basin-Kunming, Shenyang-Fushun, Lanzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenyang Metropolitan Area, Xinxiang city, Yingkou City

Egypt - Alexandria, Cairo

Finland - Helsinki, Helsinki-Turku

India - Pune,Hyderbad

Italy - Gorizia, Pordenone, Palermo, Padova-Mestre

Iran - Mashad City, Gorgan City

Mexico - Mexico City, Tijuana, Nogales-Sonora

Netherlands - Netherlands

Portugal - Lisbon, Porto, Cabeceiras de Basto

Oman - Muscat

Spain - Bilbao

South Africa - Cape Town

Taiwan - Taipei

Thailand - Chiang Mai (Zhou et al.) , Chiang Mai (Sangawongse et al. 2005)

Arizona - Phoenix, Nogales

California - Monterey Bay, San Francisco, San Joaquin Valley, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica Mountains, San Diego

Colorado - Colorado Frontage

DC/Maryland - Washington, DC - Baltimore

Florida - Tampa, Escambia-Santa Rosa-Okaloosa County

Georgia - Atlanta

Hawaii - Oahu

Illinois - Chicago

Michigon - Detroit

New Mexico - Albquerque

New York - New York

Pennsylvania - Chester County, Spring Creek Watershed

South Dakota - Sioux Falls

Texas - Austin, Houston, San Antonio

Washington - Seattle


Please go to 'Publication' page for published studies related to SLEUTH other than case studies.


Have you completed a SLEUTH application? If so, please let us know and a link to your research work will be added to this page. Please contact Gargi Chaudhuri

  For the first time in 15 years, SLEUTH Symposium was organized at the 2012 Annual Meeting of AAG in New York.   Details about the syposium and the presentations can be found here.