So you think you're ready to run the model? Below are links to step by step directions of how to get the model running, calibrated and forecasting. Having said this, the model is still in the developement phase, and bugs are to be expected. The discussion board has been created to handle debugging and and implementation issues, as well as provide a forum for general questions about SLEUTH.

Please keep in mind...
Users are expected to have at least covered the infomation provided in these pages...

and have a general understanding of...

  • C programming lanuage
  • geographic data and information systems
  • cellular automaton modeling
  • land cover modeling

Modes and Functions

UGM3.0beta may be calibrated for a region, as well as forecast the region's future growth. It can simulate multiple land cover class transitions, but can also model urban growth only. Understanding these differences may make working with the model more productive and less painful.

Steps for Implementing SLEUTH

Step 1: data set preparation
Step 2: download and verify model functions
Step 3: calibration
Step 4: selecting Ranges
Step 5: prediction
Step 6: build products


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