Step 2: Download and varify model functions

2.1 Downloaded directory structure

In this documentation path names to executable and data files will occasionally be used. Unless otherwise indicated, these names will be relative to the Scenarios directory, which is assumed to be the working directory, and the downloaded directory structure. The SLEUTH3.0beta directory is assumed to be the root directory. For a diagram and brief explanation of directory contents see directory structure.


2.2 Download UGM3.0beta

The SLEUTH code may be aquired from the download page on this site. If an internet browser is used to download the file, be sure the filename extensions are not altered by the software.


2.2.1. Decompress file

To decompress the downloaded file from a command line interface:

  1. prompt% gunzip SLEUTH3.0beta.tar.gz
  2. prompt% tar xvf SLEUTH3.0beta.tar

2.2.2. Compile code

Specifications for compiling SLEUTH3.0beta are set in the Makefile in the root directory. Variables include parallel processing and debug assert flags. Review the Makefile before compiling. The Makefiles in the three code directories (SLEUTH3.0beta, GD, and Whirlgif) all use the gcc C library compiler.

To compile all libraries used by SLEUTH3.0beta:
(pathnames relative to the root directory SLEUTH3.0beta)

  1. change directories into GD
    prompt%   cd GD
  2. compile gd libraries
    prompt%   make
  3. from GD change directories into Whirlgif
    prompt%   cd ../Whirlgif
  4. compile whirlgif libraries
    prompt%   make
  5. from Whirlgif change directories into the root directory
    prompt%   cd ..
  6. compile SLEUTH3.0beta
    prompt%   make

2.3. Verify model execution

The downloaded scenario files will be set to run on a provided sample data set, demo_city. The scenario.demo200_test file is set to run in test mode, modeling urban land cover only. (To execute a test run modeling Anderson Level I land class types use the scenario.demo200_land_test file.) Many of the output image and statistic file flags are set to "YES". This is helpful to see what affect a certain set of coefficients is having upon the data, or simply confirm that the model is functioning properly. Examine the file scenario.demo200_test in the Scenarios directory. Note how the input and output path names, and input file names are set. This is how input and output is located for an application. Notice also the coefficient value settings. The *_START coefficient values will initialize the run. See also that the flags to write the average, standard deviation, and coefficient files are all set the "YES". These files will all be written to the output directory.


prompt%   grow.exe <mode> <scenario file>
Allowable modes are:


   execute a test run: (from the Scenarios directory)

prompt%   ../grow.exe test scenario.demo200_test

Data will be written to the screen showing application progress.

2.4. Check model output

All output files from a model execution will be written to the directory defined by the OUTPUT_DIR flag in the scenario.demo200_test file. In this case, the demo200_test directory located within the Output directory. The results from a test run on your machine and platform may be compared with ours to verify functionality and test performance. Results may vary slightly.



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