SLEUTH3.0beta Directory Structure


SLEUTH3.0.beta will download with ready-to-execute file structure, but the code will first need to be compiled. The following example depicts the directory stucture of the downloaded file. This structure is assumed in web documentation explanations of implementation.

 SLEUTH3.0beta:        root directory and SLEUTH3.0beta source code
    |--GD*:                GD image libraries
    |--Input**:           input files
    |     |--demo50:    demo_city coarse calibration files
    |     |--demo100:  demo_city fine calibration files
    |     |--demo200:  demo_city final calibration files
    |--Output**:       where all SLEUTH3.0beta out files will be directed
    |     |
    |     |--demo200_land_test  /* test run w/ land cover
    |     |--demo200_test       /* test run w/o land cover

    |     |--demo50             /* coarse calibration
    |     |--demo100            /* fine calibration
    |     |--demo200            /* final calibration
    |     |--derive             /* coefficients for
    |     |                         prediction are derived
    |     |--predict            /* prediction with land cover
    |     |--preNoland          /* prediction w/o land cover

    |--Scenarios:      scenario files that control model execution
    |--Whirlgif**:    gif compiler libraries for creating animated gifs


    *path defined in SLEUTH3.0beta/Code/Makefile
    **path defined in SLEUTH3.0beta/Scenarios/ scenario.* files


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