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The road influenced growth dynamic included in SLEUTH simulates the tendency of urban development to be attracted to locations of increased accessibility. A transportation network can have major influence upon how a region develops. To include this effect in calibration several road layers, that change with the city's growth over time, are desirable. SLEUTH will be initialized with the earliest road layer. As growth cycles, or "time", pass and the date for a more recent road layer is reached, the new layer will be read in and development will proceed from there.

Road network images may be binary (road/non-road) or have relative values:

weighting 1 weighting 2  
pixel values pixel values accessibility
4 100 high
2 50 medium
1 25 low
0 0 none

note that the relative weighting of the two schemes above are equivalent and would have an identical effect if applied to the same data. For more information see road weighting.

Pixel value range:
binary: 0 = non-road, 0 < n < 256 = road
relative: (see above)