Test Mode Flow Process

Test mode was created as a way to generate a set of historical data simulations, such as those described in calibration mode process flow, for a single coefficient set without requiring the START_* and STOP* coefficients to be set to identical values. Only the START_* values are used when testing. The START* value must be greater than the STOP_* value.

Test mode can produce the same statistic and image files that may be generated in calibrate mode. Additionally, on the final Monte Carlo run, test mode will generate annual images of land cover change. In this way, a visual and further statistical evaluation of calibration coefficient performance may be made.


Initial Conditions

Each simulation in a test mode is initialized with the START_* values of each coefficient type and SLEUTH images as described in a basic simulation. The seed value for the first simulation is initialized with the RANDOM_SEED flag. After a simulation is completed, the initializing seed that began that simulation is reset and a new simulation is run. This process continues MC number of times.


Growth Cycles

It is assumed that one growth cycle represents a year of growth. Following this assumption:

number of growth cycles in a simulation = stop_date - start_date.


Conclude Simulation

When the required number of growth cycles has been generated, the simulation concludes.