Agent-Based Modeling of Complex Spatial Systems

Workshop on Agent-Based Modeling of Complex Spatial Systems, April 14-16, 2007

Over the past few years two research communities have developed more-or-less independently: the community of agent-based modelers of spatial systems on the one hand, and the community interested in the representational and computational aspects of complex dynamic systems on the other.

As part of the joint US National Science Foundation / UK Economic and Social Research Council Special Activity in the Area of
E-Science, the University of California, Santa Barbara and University College London received funding for a workshop of approximately 30 participants, that was held in Santa Barbara, California April 14-16 2007 at the Upham Hotel.

The workshop followed the traditional format of a specialist meeting of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis, combining presentations with plenary and small-group discussions.

Note: The presentations and notes are the property of their respective authors. Used here with permission.

Agenda and Participants

Meeting Schedule [PDF Document]

Participant List and Position Papers

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Session I: Representation in and of Complex Spatial Systems

David Bennett, University of Iowa
presentation PDF (5.3mb)

Session I: Representation in and of Complex Spatial Systems

May Yuan, University of Oklahoma
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Supplementary animation 4 seconds, AVI, 4.6MB

Discussant: Georgios Theodoropoulos, University of Birmingham

Session II: Modeling Complex Spatial Systems

Mike Worboys, University of Maine

Marina Alberti, University of Washington

Discussant: Nigel Gilbert, University of Surrey

Session III: Validation and Verification of ABMs

David O'Sullivan, University of Auckland and Mark Gahegan, Penn State
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Supplementary animation 27 seconds, AVI, 2.2MB
Supplementary animation 15 seconds, AVI, 2.7MB

Dawn Parker, George Mason University
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Discussant: Mike Batty

Break-out group discussion

Group notes

Group notes

Group notes


Alan Glennon's ABMCSS workshop notes
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Indy Hurt's ABMCSS workshop notes
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Andy Turner's ABMCSS pages
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Presentation and Notes Submissions

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