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"In Geography we may take it as an axiom that which cannot be mapped cannot be described."*


On the Web:

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Medial-Axes-based Cartograms (PDF)

Constructing Continuous Cartograms:
A Constraint-Based Approach
A Thesis by Christopher James Kocmoud

Continuous Cartogram Construction (PDF)

Contructing Contiguous Area Cartogram using Arcview Avenue (PDF)

CartoDraw: A Fast Algorithm for Generating Contiguous Cartograms (PDF) By Daniel A. Keim, Stephan C. North and Christian Panse of the AT&T Shannon Laboratory, Florham Park, NJ.

Existing Contiguous Cartogram Methods (PDF) - Texas A&M Visualization Laboratory.

Sara Fabrikant's Cartogram Background Information page.

In the Library:

Dent, Borden D. Cartography Thematic Map Design. fourth ed. Dubuque, IA: C. Brown Publishers, 1996 pgs 202-215

Jackel, C. B. "Using ArcView to create contiguous and noncontiguous area cartograms." Cartography and Geographic Information System, 24:(1997) 101-109

Mackaness, William "Automated Cartography and the Human Paradigm." Cartographic Design, Theoretical and Practical Perspectives. Chichester NY: John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1996 pgs. 55-66

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*Wooridge, S. and East, W. (1951). The Spirit and Purpose of Geography. New York: Hutchinson's University Library.


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