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New Methodologies for the Social Sciences: The Development
and Application of Spatial Analysis for Polictical Methodology

Boulder, Colorado
March 10-12, 2000

International IT Conference on Geo-Spatial Education
Hong Kong, China
July 6-8, 2000

Fourth International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in
Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences - Accuracy 2000

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
July 12-14, 2000

Ninth International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling
SDH 2000

Beijing, P. R. China
August 10-12, 2000

Fourth International Conference on Integrating Geographic Information
Systems (GIS) and Environmental Modeling - GIS/EM4

Banff, Canada
September 2-8, 2000

Geographical Domain & Geographical Information Systems
La Londe-les-Maures, France
September 22-27, 2000

Second International Conference on Interoperating Geographic
Information Systems - Interop '99

Zurich, Switzerland
March 10-12, 1999

International Conference on Geographic Information & Society

Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 20-23, 1999

Sixth International Symposium on Spatial Databases
SSD '99

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
July 20-23, 1999

Conference on Spatial Information Theory

Stade, Germany
August 25-29, 1999

Groupware for Urban Planning Workshop
Lyon, France
February 4-6, 1998

Third International Symposium on Spatial Accuarcy Assessment in
Natural Resourse & Environmental Sciences

Quebec City, Canada
May 20-22, 1998

International Conference & Exhibition on Geographic Information
GIS PlaNET '98

Lisbon, Portugal
September 7-11, 1998

First International Conference on GIS Education

Ypsilanti, Michigan
October 29 - November 1, 1998