Discrete Global Grids
A Web Book

News: Second International Conference on Discrete Global Grids

Developing an Equal Area Global Grid
by Small Circle Subdivision

by Lian Song, A. Jon Kimerling and Kevin Sahr

Interoperable Coordinate
Transformation and Identification
of Coordinate Systems

by Daniel Specht

Discovering, Modeling, and Visualizing
Global Grids over the Internet

by Yvan G. Leclerc, Martin Reddy, Lee Iverson and Michael Eriksen

The Global Spatial Data Model

by Earl F. Burkholder

A Versatile Set of Equal-Area Projections and Grids

by Mary J. Brodzik and
Kenneth W. Knowles

Ellipsoidal Area Computations of Large Terrestrial Objects

by Hrvoje Lukatela

A Seamless Global Terrain Model in the Hipparchus System

by Hrvoje Lukatela

Criteria and Measures for the Comparison of Global Geocoding Systems

by Keith C. Clarke

© 2002 University of California, Santa Barbara
National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis