NCGIA Core Curriculum in Geographic Information Science
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Unit 188 - Artificial Neural Networks 
for Spatial Data Analysis

Written by Sucharita Gopal
Department of Geography and Centre for Remote Sensing
Boston University, Boston MA 02215

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Unit 188 - Artificial Neural Networks
for Spatial Data Analysis

1. Introduction

1.1. What are Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)?

1.2. Some Definitions of ANN

1.3. Brief History of ANN

1.4. Applications of ANN

1.5. Differences between ANN and AI approaches:

1.6. ANN in Apatial Analysis and Geography

1.7. Relationship between Statistics and ANN

2. Types of ANN

2.1. Networks based on supervised and unsupervised learning

2.1.1. Supervised Learning

2.1.2. Self-Organization or Unsupervised Learning

2.2. Networks based on Feedback and Feedforward connections

3. Methodology: Training, Testing and Validation Datasets

4. Application of a Supervised ANN for a Classification Problem

4.1.  Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) Using Backpropagation

4.1.1. Things to note while using the backpropagation algorithm

4.2. Fuzzy ARTMAP

4.2.1. Basic architecture of fuzzy ARTMAP

4.3. Software

5. Application Exercises:  Backpropagation algorithm X Fuzzy ARTMAP for Classification of Landcover Classes

5.1. Data Set 1

5.2. Data Set 2

6. Summary

  • This unit has introduced some definitions and types of neural networks

  • 7. Review and Study Questions

    8. References

    8.1. References in the text of this unit

    8.2. Books

    8.3. Classics


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