NCGIA Core Curriculum in Geographic Information Science

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Unit 136 - Making it Work

This entire section is based on a major project, Geographic Information Systems Development Guides, which was completed in early 1997 by the New York State Archives and Records Administration in cooperation with Hugh Calkins of the SUNY Buffalo site of the NCGIA.  The project produced a series of guides designed to help officials in New York's local governments develop and implement geographic information systems.

While these materials are not in the GISCC standard format, the materials are extremely useful as they are.  As a result, we provide links directly to the on-line version of the guide.  The NY website includes the complete text for each document; however, some complex figures and charts are not available in the on-line version.

Manager's Overview Database Construction
Needs Assessment Pilot Studies and Benchmark Tests
Conceptual Design of the GIS Acquisition of GIS Hardware & Software
Survey of Available Data GIS System Integration
Evaluating Hardware and Software GIS Application Development
Database Planning and Design GIS Use and Maintenance

Created: October 25, 1997.  Last revised: March 1, 2001.

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