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Unit 064 - Representing Networks

by F. Benjamin Zhan
Department of Geography, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas

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Unit 064 - Representing Networks

1. What are the basic elements of a network?

2. How are networks represented?

2.1. Node-Node Adjacency Matrix

2.2. Forward and Reverse Star Representation

2.3. Representation of Network Attributes

3. Computation of shortest paths on a network

4. Common network operations and applications

4.1. Common network operations

4.2. Common network applications

4.2.1. Geocoding

4.2.2. Location-allocation

4.2.3. Business logistics

4.2.4. Spatial interaction and gravity modeling

4.2.5. Dynamic segmentation

5. References

6. Exam and discussion questions

  1. For a given network, compute the arc to node ratio.

  3. Construct the forward star and reverse star representation of a given network.

  5. What are the commonly used shortest path algorithms?

  7. Give five different examples of network application.


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