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NCGIA Core Curiculum in GIS Projects
GIS Laboratory Exercises: Volume 1
Technical Report 91-12

Updated version: Techincal Report 96-12 (see below)
GIS Laboratory Exercises: Volume 2
Technical Report 91-14
GIS Teaching Facilities: Six case studies on the
acquisition & management of laboratories

Technical Report 91-21
VT/GIS: The von Thunen GIS Package
Technical Report 91-27
GIS Videos: An Annotated Bibliography
Technical Report 92-9
A Glossary of GIS Terminology
Technical Report 92-13
Teaching Introductory Geographical Data Analysis with GIS:
A Laboratory Guide for an Integrated

Technical Report 93-5
NCGIA Guide to Laboratory Materials
Technical Report 93-10

Update of TR 91-20
GIS Laboratory Exercises: Introduction to GIS, Second Edition
Technical Report 96-12