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NCGIA is looking for section editors and unit writers for the GIS Core Curriculum for Technical Programs (CCTP). The focus of the CCTP is a set of units that will help instructors in two-year colleges and similar situations develop courses and produce course materials to support GIS technical training in their institutions.

Conceptual graphic for the CCTP
Current list of CCTP units (aka Task List)
List of Writing/Editing Assignments
Instructions for Editors and Writers
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The CCTP parallels the NCGIA Core Curriculum in Geographic Information Science, but in this case the focus is less on theory and more on technical aspects of GIS (i.e., what does someone need to know how to do to master the operation of GIS software).

We need university and college instructors, industry representatives, and others with technical expertise in GIS to help us develop this resource. We hope to have participation from both experts in GIS technical procedures and in GIS theory (who can apply it to the technical arena).

While we only have very limited funds to cover some of the editors and writers costs, your participation in this project will help us prepare a useful WWW-based resource available to all. All editors and writers will receive full recognition for their efforts including authorship credit.

Currently the body of the CCTP has been outlined to include 53 units which are divided among 11 editors. Editors will write a least one unit and help the NCGIA project staff work with writers of the other units of their section. While the editors can play a significant role in the direction and quality of the CCTP, the bulk of the project management tasks will be carried out by the NCGIA project staff including most of the work preparing materials for the World Wide Web. Writers will be responsible for writing and collecting information and graphics for modest sized units. They will also have an option of writing multiple units if they so desire.

The main units of the CCTP primarily pertain to the specific use of GIS software with geographic data, but we will also need editors who can help us write a support sections on "Geography for Technical GIS" and "Computing for Technical GIS". Later in the CCTP development, we will seek case studies that exemplify GIS applications which rely on the technical skills outlined in the CCTP.

If you are interested in helping out as a writer or editor or if you can recommend names of those who may be able to help us, please contact the Project Manager, Steve Palladino at:
NCGIA/Dept. of Geography
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-4060
Fax 893-8617
email: spalladi@ncgia.ucsb.edu

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